What is the domestic situation of spunlace nonwovens?

Update:23 Feb 2021
What is the domestic situation of spunlace nonwovens?
production line
my country's spunlace nonwovens production line has developed rapidly, among which Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces are the most prominent. Especially after the economic crisis, the spunlaced nonwovens industry has not been affected, but has bucked the trend. The industry is extremely hot, adding dozens of new water Barbed wire.
Spunlace production technology
The development direction of spunlace technology is to move towards high-speed, high-quality, roller-type spunlace. The main reason affecting the progress of my country's spunlace technology is the lack of large-scale, high-speed, high-yield, and high-quality carding machines; my country cannot yet manufacture roller-type cards. Spunlace machine; lack of netting machine with actual netting production speed of 70-100M/min or more;
Research development
my country's spunlace non woven fabric have been researched, developed and produced for nearly ten years, and the variety, scale, quality, and equipment have been significantly improved, which basically meets the needs of national economic development. Spunlace nonwovens involve medical and health, light industry, electronics, environmental protection and other disciplines, and promote the development of domestic traditional chemical fibers and differentiated fibers.