What are the processing principles and characteristics of spunlace nonwovens?

Update:10 May 2021
The processing principles and characteristics of spunlace nonwovens
The principle of spunlace reinforcement is similar to that of acupuncture, but instead of needles, it uses multiple fine water jets generated by high pressure---spunlace jets to spray the web. After the water jet passes through the fiber web, it is entrusted with the rebound of the net curtain and intersects the fiber web again. As a result, the fibers in the fiber web are displaced, interspersed, entangled, and entangled under the hydraulic action of the high-speed water jets in different directions. The web is reinforced. To
1. Flexible entanglement, does not affect the original characteristics of the fiber, and does not damage the fiber
2. The appearance is closer to traditional textiles than other non-woven materials
3. High strength, low fluffing
4. High moisture absorption, fast moisture absorption
5. Good air permeability
6. Soft feel and good drape
7. Variety of appearance
8. No need for adhesive reinforcement, washable
9. Long production process and large area
10. Complex equipment and high water quality requirements
11. The spunlace machine consumes a lot of energy