What are the characteristics and advantages of various non-woven fabrics?

Update:25 Jan 2021
Non-woven fabric is a general term for many non-woven fabrics. Non-woven fabrics are subdivided into many types according to processing technology. Non-woven fabrics of different processes have different characteristics and are suitable for different industries. Next, I will talk about non-woven fabrics. Features and advantages.
1. Breathability 2. Filterability 3. Heat retention 4. Water absorption 5. Waterproof 6. Stretchability 7. Not messy 8. Feel good, soft 9. Lightweight 10. Elasticity. Recoverable 11. No direction of fabric 12. Compared with textile fabrics, it has high productivity, high production speed, low price, mass production, etc.
  Characteristics: durability, disposable, insulation, conductivity, flexibility, stiffness, fineness, expansion.
   Isotropic, anisotropic, filterability, breathable and impermeable, elasticity, stiffness.
   Light, loose, warm, thin as a cicada's wings, thick as felt, waterproof and breathable.
   ironing, stitching, compression molding, flame retardant, antistatic, water permeable, waterproof, abrasion resistant, velvet
   wrinkle resistance, good elasticity, high moisture absorption, water repellency.
  For different purposes, the texture of the non-woven fabric is different.