What are the applications of coated non-woven fabrics?

Update:12 Apr 2021
Laminated non-woven fabric is one of many non-woven products. Laminated non-woven fabric has gradually entered the new environmentally friendly packaging material in the packaging industry in 2011. It has diverse styles and exquisite workmanship. The products are sold throughout the country and all over the world. The bright color and high-quality texture of non-woven fabrics are deeply loved by people! At present, it is widely used in home textiles, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, environmental protection bags, brand clothing, jewelry, gifts, photo albums, decorative products and other key packaging materials. .
Laminated non-woven fabric, this kind of fabric is a new type of fabric. The difference between this and laser non-woven fabrics is that one is composite and the other is embossing. Laminated non-woven fabric is dozens of grams more weight than composite non-woven fabric, and thicker! Laminated non-woven fabric is more hand-feel than composite non-woven fabric, and the texture to the touch is better than that of laser composite non-woven fabric. Sense of reality.
Laminated embossed non-woven fabrics now have dozens of patterns in the market, such as checkered pattern/bark pattern/small hole pattern/pinhole pattern/pod pattern/rat pattern/brushed pattern/crocodile pattern/stripe pattern/ Mouth pattern/dot pattern/cross pattern, etc.
  Non-woven fabric products are suitable for packaging, decoration and other industries, and are widely used in shopping bags, shoe bags, storage items, etc. Non-woven fabric products are diverse in color and bright and bright, and are people's favorite daily necessities.