Thermal transfer printing technology for non-woven fabrics?

Update:04 Jan 2021
Everyone is familiar with non-woven fabrics. From handbags in shopping malls to SMS non-woven fabric, they are everywhere. Non-woven fabrics can be divided into many types due to their processing technology. There are also many types of printing technology. Introduce the thermal transfer printing technology of non-woven fabrics.
Thermal transfer is a special type of printing in printing. This method requires an intermediate medium, that is, first print the graphics on the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to the non-woven fabric by heating the transfer equipment. The commonly used medium in textile printing is thermal transfer film. Its advantages are: exquisite printing, rich gradation version, comparable to photos, and suitable for small-area color image printing. But its disadvantage is that the printed pattern is easy to fall off over a long time, and the price is expensive.
When choosing non-woven printing types, different printing methods should also be selected according to customer needs.