The difference between medical non-woven fabric and ordinary non-woven fabric?

Update:21 Dec 2020
Non-woven fabrics refer to non-woven fabrics, which are subdivided into many small categories. However, according to the quality control, they can be roughly divided into ordinary non-woven fabrics and medical non-woven fabrics. The non-woven fabrics used in hospitals,such us non woven hospital curtains,non woven fabric for face mask,disposable ICA-POLY COATED GOWN and others,those are different from ordinary What are the differences between non-medical non-woven fabrics?
First of all, the anti-bacterial effect of medical non-woven fabrics is good, and the use of melt-blown layer structure can effectively prevent bacteria.
Medical non-woven fabrics can be sterilized in various ways.
The quality control of medical non-woven fabrics is more stringent, and they all need to be certified by the quality control system. The production process has an online inspection to ensure the total quality of each non-woven fabric.