Product specifications of embossed non-woven fabrics?

Update:11 Jan 2021

The embossed non-woven fabric is made of polypropylene, through advanced equipment units, high temperature dissolution, spinning forming, multi-pass hot rolling and fusion, the embossed non-woven fabric after forming is brightly colored, reel-cutting, and easy to use. The product quality is better.
Features of embossed non-woven fabric:
   1. The embossed non-woven fabric has high strength and small difference in strength in vertical and horizontal directions;
  2, acid and alkali resistance, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology;
  3, embossed non-woven fabric has excellent air permeability;
   4. Masterbatch dyeing, never fade.
   embossed non-woven fabric product specifications:
   Weight: 9-200g/m² Maximum width: 2.4m.
  Color: Color plates can be produced according to customer requirements.
   Application areas of embossed non-woven fabrics:
  1. Industrial---subgrade cloth, embankment cloth, waterproof membrane cloth, automobile interior cloth, filter material;
  2, shoe leather-shoe leather lining, shoe bag, shoe cover, composite material;
  3, agricultural use-tablecloth, sofa mattress cloth, disposable underwear;
  4. Medical protective gear --- protective clothing, surgical gowns, masks, hats, sleeves, sheets, pillowcases, etc.;
  5. Packaging---Composite cement bag, quilt storage bag, suit bag, shopping bag, gift bag, luggage and luggage lining.