Non-woven fabric acceptance process

Update:04 Jun 2021

A: Each batch of products must be composed of continuous production products with the same raw material ratio, process
conditions and specifications. Each batch of products shall be in accordance with the provisions of FZ/T64004-93 in 7.3,
and the sample length for physical properties shall be 3m in the unwinding head. Cut and calibrate the direction above
1m, record the sampling date, production team, and product specifications;
B: According to the quality inspection by the manufacturer, within 1 month of delivery, the receiver should carry out
acceptance inspection.
C: At the time of acceptance, the physical and mechanical performance test shall randomly sample samples from the batch
at 10% of the delivery volume, and no less than 2 rolls. Each roll shall be tested in accordance with the provisions of
Chapter 6, and the average value of each roll test shall be the final Result. The appearance inspection shall be re-
inspected at 20% of the delivery volume from the batch of products, and shall not be less than 5 rolls. Under 400-600LX
illumination, the roll-to-roll inspection shall be carried out. If the non-conforming product rate exceeds 8%, the The
batch product is reduced by one level accordingly;
D: If there is any objection to the quality of the product, it may be submitted to the arbitration inspection agency
for reinspection, and the reinspection result shall be the final result, and the reinspection fee shall be borne by the
responsible party.