What are the comparisons between non-woven bags and cotton and linen bags?

Update:30 Aug 2022
Comparison of non-woven bags and cotton and linen bags:

The characteristics of non-woven fabrics are that they are light and thin, easy to carry after folding, rich in color, and various thicknesses are available. The raw material is non-woven fabrics; the price is low; it is easy to be decomposed; , beautifully printed, rich in color, not easy to fold, and relatively poor in firmness. The raw material is mainly paper, which has poor waterproof performance and moderate price; it is easy to be decomposed without film; it is also very popular with some people. The canvas bag is made of canvas as the name suggests, which is green and environmentally friendly, and is easy to decompose; it is durable and wear-resistant, and the price is relatively high, but it has a long service life, can be washed with water, and lasts for a long time; in recent years, it has been favored by some powerful enterprises. Full of durable high-end; production process: non-woven fabrics and canvas bags are cut, printing and sewing such a process; paper bags also have a cutting process, and the subsequent printing, folding and gluing are generally done automatically by machinery.
No matter any product has two sides, there are advantages and disadvantages. Take cotton and linen bags as an example. Although cotton and linen bags have the characteristics of novel style, environmental protection and durability, fashion and beauty, and affordable price, they also occupy a large area of ​​advertising and publicity. In the field of packaging, but there have also been some negative comments, some people think that this product is not as practical as plastic bags.
Another disadvantage of non-woven eco-friendly bags is that they do not support spot supply, because non-woven eco-friendly bags are customized products and are tailored according to the needs of customers. Logos and promotional graphics can be printed on the bag, so it is Unlike those generic products that can be directly supplied from stock.