In addition to polypropylene, what other materials can be used as non-woven fabrics?

Update:22 Nov 2021
In addition to polypropylene, what other materials can be used for non-woven fabrics? The answer is: polyester fiber and viscose fiber are the three main fibers, in addition to nylon, acrylic, polyethylene and other fibers.

In the production of non-woven fabrics, polypropylene (PP) is mainly used as the raw material of non-woven fabrics, followed by PET as the raw material. PET, commonly known as polyester, is the most productive variety in chemical fiber, and is widely used in packaging, electronics, medical and health, construction, automobiles and other fields.
Polyester and viscose fibers are chemical fibers, and polyester is a synthetic fiber in chemical fibers, which is made by polymerization of monomers extracted from petroleum.

Polyester spunbond non-woven fabric is a kind of high strength, good high temperature resistance (can be used for a long time in 150°C environment), aging resistance, UV resistance, high elongation, good stability and air permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation , Mothproof, non-toxic. Because its performance is second only to polypropylene, the price is affordable, and the application range is relatively wide, so it is very popular.