Do you know the advantages of using non-woven bags?

Update:23 May 2022
There is no doubt that the non-woven bag can be reused, but in actual use, its lifespan is also very short, and it can even be called disposable. Due to the low price of non-woven bags, many people don't bother to wash them after using them a few times, and they don't feel sorry for throwing them away. And a cotton eco-friendly bag, the price is relatively high, and the workmanship is exquisite, incorporating many fashionable elements in it, and because of its material characteristics, the cotton eco-friendly bag is very easy to clean when it gets dirty, so few people will use it for a few times. thrown away.

From this aspect, cotton and linen eco-friendly bags are far better than non-woven eco-friendly bags. Cotton and linen is a variety of textile fabrics, natural fibers, which can absorb moisture into the atmosphere, and the absorbed moisture has a good preservation ability. Because the cotton fiber itself has a porous structure, it can better absorb moisture. The moisture can maintain the softness of the fabric bag itself, and the soft function can reduce friction and damage and increase the life. The moisturizing effect is good at the same time, and it can reduce the conduction of electricity and heat.
Cotton and linen are heat-resistant and water-resistant. Compared with non-woven fabrics, the advantage is durability. The load-bearing capacity of the cotton and linen bag fabric itself is much stronger than that of non-woven fabrics, so the firmness is more outstanding. The number of repeated uses of one cotton and linen bag is equivalent to the number of repeated use of hundreds of non-woven bags. Therefore, for household practical environmental protection shopping bags, cotton and linen are obviously more cost-effective.

Since non-woven fabric is a kind of easily decomposed fabric, when the inventory time is too long, it will seriously affect its service life, and the new material generally has much better standing and toughness. Looking at the printing, the quality of the printing directly affects the aesthetics of the non-woven bag. Take screen printing as an example, whether the screen printing pattern is uniform and whether there are obvious pores. Severe positional deviation.

In today's non-woven market, there are many kinds of non-woven fabrics. There are new materials, ordinary materials, film-coated materials, etc. And if it is only observed from the eyes of the eyes, it is basically only possible to distinguish the coated and non-coated materials. Visually, it is impossible to tell whether it is a new material or a normal material. In order to save costs, many businesses will use ordinary materials as new materials to process non-woven bags for customers.