Do you know how to judge the fabric quality of non-woven bags?

Update:15 Aug 2022
1. The price of non-woven bags is very important to see whether the fabric is a new material. Since non-woven fabric is a kind of easily decomposed fabric, when the inventory time is too long, it will seriously affect its service life. The erection and toughness are much better; from the point of view of printing, the quality of printing directly affects the aesthetics of the non-woven bag. Take screen printing as an example, whether the screen printing pattern is uniform and whether there are obvious pores, if it is color printing, It depends on whether the color registration is accurate and whether there is a serious positional deviation.

2. Sewing process. For handbags, the quality of the sewing process directly affects the firmness of the bag. Generally speaking, there must be three stitches per centimeter to see if the needles and threads are neat, especially if there are inverted stitches. If the reverse needle is not in place, the mouth of the bag will be easily torn open, and whether the bag is obliquely wrapped, etc., this also seriously affects the appearance of the bag.

In today's non-woven market, there are many kinds of non-woven fabrics. There are new materials, ordinary materials, film-coated materials, etc. And if it is only observed from the eyes of the eyes, it is basically only possible to distinguish the coated and non-coated materials. According to the introduction of the price of non-woven bags, it is visually impossible to tell whether it is a new material or an ordinary material. In order to save costs, many businesses will use ordinary materials as new materials to process non-woven bags for customers.