Do you know how to identify the quality of non-woven bags?

Update:29 Jun 2022
The competition in the non-woven bag industry has now reached a fever pitch. In the past two years, the non-woven bag industry has been very chaotic, causing non-woven bag buyers to be confused, and the prices of various manufacturers are quite different. There are many grades of non-woven bags on the market. There are non-woven fabrics with 100% granular materials, and non-woven fabrics with a certain proportion of fillers. The difference between woven fabric and non-woven fabric mixed with filler:

The so-called brand-new non-woven fabric, as the name suggests, is the raw material of the non-woven fabric is the plastic granules produced by the brand-new 100% petroleum company. The gloss of the non-woven fabric of the new material is very good. Since the material is brand new and has not undergone secondary pollution, the non-woven fabric produced with brand new particles has a very good gloss and a feeling of shiny hair oil. The feel will be thicker and more even. Since the raw materials are all brand-new pellets, all plastic particles are subjected to the same pulling force during the production of non-woven fabrics, so the fabric is very uniform and will not appear thick on one side and thin on the other.

Since the specific gravity of the new material plastic is much lighter than that of the recycled material or the filler, the new non-woven material of the same weight is much thicker. Many customers responded that the same 80 grams of fabric is incomparable with the new material and the common material is this reason. The fibers of the non-woven fabric produced from the new material are arranged in the same way, and the tensile force of the fibers at each point is equally strong. Therefore, the tensile force of the whole non-woven fabric is very strong.

However, after the common material is mixed with a certain proportion of recycled materials or fillers, the material of the cloth mixed with the filler is uneven. Generally, 80 grams of cloth is 70 grams on one side and 90 grams on the other side. This is a very normal phenomenon in common materials. picture. Gloss and tension will definitely be affected to some extent. Now the common materials on the market are also divided into several grades, mainly according to the proportion of the fillers mixed to determine the quality.